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Capabilities of JEOL JEM-2100F field emission TEM

  • Characterize Size, morphology and crystalline structure of materials with a lattice resolution of 0.1nm. 

  • Analyze elemental compositions (from B to U) of materials at nano-meter scales.

  • Determine elemental distribution and heterogeneity of nano-particles.


Capabilities of JEOL JSM-7500F field emission SEM

  • Surface topography with high resolution (in-lens detector) and excellent depth of field. 

  • High resolution compositional images with backscatter electron detector

  • Quantitative elemental analysis and elemental mapping with the Oxford Instruments EDS system.

  •  High contrast, high resolution, low voltage STEM imaging for low contrast specimens.


HORIBA XploRATM Plus Raman Microscope

  • Two-laserwavelengths Raman spectroscopy

  • Small area Raman analysis with Optical microscope at 10x and 100x magnifications

  • High resolution Raman imaging

  • Couples with AIST-NT OmegaScopeTM 1000 for TERS (Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy)

AIST-NT OmegaScopeTM 1000

  • Atomic Force Microscopy in contact mode and tapping mode

  • Kevin probe microscopy

AFM - Raman Microscope

Capabilities of FEI Tecnai G2 spirit Twin TEM

  • High resolution and high contrast imaging for biological and soft materials (20-120kV).

  • Cryo-electron microscopy for vitrified frozen hydrate samples.

  • 3-D electron tomography.

  • Imaging the same area with Integrated Florescent Microscopy and Electron Microscopy (Icorr)


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Equipment managed by Anabel Lanterna

Our new Agilent InfinityLab Liquid Chromatography/Mass Selective Detector (LC/MSD) system uses the power of mass selective detection to enhance analytical confidence. The single quadrupole LC/MSD system is running in parallel to the Infinity II LC system.


Our new Agilent ICP-OES allows us detection of more than 70 elements, including alkaline and transition metals.


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Managed by Yun Liu

Agilent Cary 600 Series FTIR Spectrometers and Microscopes

Instrument managed by Prof. Serge Degrenieres 

FTIR Microscope

Anton Paar Rheometer 


Instrument managed by Prof. James Harden


Three Zone Split Tube Furnace (5" Dia, up to 1200°C) with Sliding Flange, 3 Channel Gas Mixer, and Vacuum Pump

OTF-1200X-III-SF is a splittable 5" (O.D) three-zone tube furnace, which can achieve faster heating up to 1200oC and create a thermal gradient by adjusting temperature of three zones. The furnace includes all accessories for immediate use. It is an excellent furnace for annealing, diffusing and sintering sample in various atmospheres. This furnace system also includes an anti-corrosive Pirani Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge to enable vacuum measurements with aggressive gasses.

Instrument managed by Dr. Neeraj Joshi 

Tube Furnace

Agilent Cary 7000 Universal Measurement Spectrophotometer (UMS) will satisfy all your solid sampling needs. Delivering a turn-key solution for research, development and QA/QC in optics, thin films/coatings, solar and glass, the Cary 7000 UMS will advance your materials analysis. Design experiments never before possible and expand your research.

Explore what you can do with Cary 7000 UMS:

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Instrument managed by Dr. Neeraj Joshi

Cary 7000 Universal Measurement Spectrophotometer

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